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With every product purchased you help make a difference for our oceans and waterways:

Plant 100 Oysters

Each and every purchase directly funds the stocking of 100 new oysters back into our waterways, where they serve as incredible biofilters for pollutants and help to protect against the devastating effects of storm surge on our coastlines.

Net Recycling

Every purchase helps to support our partners’ efforts to locate and recover abandoned fishing nets that wreak havoc on ocean life. These nets can then be recycled into fibers used in our UPF sun protective gear, hat brims and more.

Ocean Bound Plastics

95%+ of our packaging supplies are manufactured from recycled ocean-bound plastics like discarded water bottles and drinking straws, helping to protect turtles, manatees and other sensitive marine life.

Sustainable Materials

We utilize low-impact sustainable materials like algae- and water-based inks in our printing processes, and post-consumer recycled fibers in all of our packaging materials to further reduce downstream effects on waterways.

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