Fear Not the Mighty Depths

STAY ALIVE. Always dive with a buddy. And take a freediving class.

Like us, you probably grew up in, around and under the water. But until you take a proper class in freediving instruction, you really don’t know what you don’t know. From surface entry, dive form and equalization technique to rescue methodology and the importance of the buddy system, you will become a better diver and spearfisher. We guarantee it.

Hypoxia partners worldwide with 100+ freediving instructors, spearfishing guides and charter operators to advance freediving safety awareness and education. We work with certified professionals from Freediving Instructors International, Performance Freediving International, AIDA, PADI, SSI and others across the United States, Australia & New Zealand, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Italy, Norway, Panama, the Philippines, South Africa and everywhere in between.

Contact us if you have any questions about what to expect in a course, recommendations on instructors in your area or anything else in general. We love to chat safety.

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